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A wrong hire in an organization can result in significant consequences and impact such organization negatively.

Klinsheet Consulting Limited provides the best academic verification in Nigeria, which allows to ensure that an organization employs the best and most suitable candidate for a position.
The importance of academic verification in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized. This is owing to the fact that the information submitted by candidates is often times incomplete or inaccurate. Apparently, not detecting these shortcomings and inaccuracies can lead to an organization making a wrong hire.

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We have built a network of reliable and experienced hands in all the 36 states of Nigeria to help run our checks. Furthermore, we have built and nurtured relationships in most of the institutions within the last 6 years. These relationships have helped us to maintain tremendous execution speed. Our commitment to quality has been solely responsible for our achievements.
Our business is driven by highly technology savvy individuals, and our performance is exceptional because we leverage technology to deliver value. With our expert guidance, we help our clients get the best value from our verification exercise.
Integrity & Experience
We have diverse experiences across several industries in and out of the country. We have delivered results to start-ups and some of the BIG names across major industries in the country.